SEMrush vs Google keyword planner: which one is the best Keyword Research tool

Have you ever wondered when there is already the Google keyword planner available for keyword research, why people spend hundreds not thousands of dollars on expensive keyword research tools?

Google keyword planner aka GKP is a free keyword research tool for search engine marketing.

Google search engine is the biggest source of organic traffic.

According to Statista, Google has 86.6% of the search engine market.

Whether you run a search ad or write a blog keyword research is an essential part that you can’t ignore. 

Targeting the right keyword helps you get targeted traffic from the search engine that converts well.

That’s how the right keyword can make your business profitable.

“49% of marketers report that organic search has the best ROI of any marketing channel.” According to research done by search engine journal.

For that, you need the RIGHT keyword research tool that provides accurate data with useful keyword suggestions.

In this post, SEMrush vs google keyword planner, we’ll compare different features of SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner tools.

Let’s begin with the keyword suggestions.

Keyword suggestions: SEMrush vs GKP

Enter a Seed keyword into the tool, and it will generate a long list of related keywords. 

According to research done by Backlinko, SEMrush generates the highest number of keyword suggestions among all keyword research tools available in the market.

Whereas, Google keyword planner generates 67.9% fewer keyword suggestions than the paid keyword research tools.

Data Accuracy: SEMrush vs GKP

Instead of providing exact search volume, the GKP provides search volume data in a range.

Also, the keyword difficulty provided by the GKP is not useful for SEO. As its primary intention is to provide data for search engine marketing.

Being in the competitive market, you need such a tool that helps find accurate data to compete with the current market.

SEMrush generates 98.1% more keyword suggestions than the Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword difficulty is an important metric when it comes to competitive analysis.

According to research, SEMrush and provide keyword difficulty scores higher than other paid keyword research tools.

No tool provide 100% data accuracy. however there are some manual ways you can identify low competition keywords.

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Google Keyword Planner

You can access Google keyword planner by logging in to the Google Ads.

Click the “Tools & Settings” option available on the left side of the menu.

Now, click on the “Keyword planner” in the PLANNING section.

Select location and enter seed keyword to get the related keywords suggestions.

You can add your competitor’s domain name to know all the related keywords that your competitor is targeting.

Also, you can switch the tab to the START WITH A WEBSITE for competitive analysis.

Enter a domain URL or a particular post URL and wait for the list of keywords used in the post.

Remember: competition metric shows the competition among paid advertisers.


SEMrush takes care every aspects of your website from keyword research to backlink analysis.

SEMrush provides more SEO features like backlink analysis, site audit, content audit, traffic source, and more. that google keyword planner does not.

Keyword Research

The keyword overview feature provides essential details of a particular keyword to get all the information on one screen. 

Questions & Keyword variations

Here you can find the top frequently asked questions for a particular keyword or topic. It helps to understand what people are asking to google for a particular keyword or topic.

Keyword variations help you identify the top searched keyword variation among different variations of a long-phrase keyword.

Keyword Magic Tool

Real MAGIC happens in the Keyword Magic Tool.

Yes, that’s right.

Keyword magic tool generates tons of keyword suggestions for your given seed keyword.

One of the reasons why SEMrush is an expensive SEO tool is because of its keyword suggestion.

SEMrush is the no. 1 tool when it comes to keyword suggestions. 

Using filter you can filter out keywords with low difficulty and high search volume.

Competitive research

Competitive research or analysis is crucial while planning an SEO campaign. 

Analyzing your competitor’s strength is the first thing you want to do.

SEMrush helps you reveal your competitor’s top-performing keywords and their winning strategies.

It also reveals your competitor’s monthly traffic, source of traffic, their top competitors and many more.

Is SEMrush FREE?

SEMrush is a paid tool.

However, you can sign up and create a free account to use their free trials.

The Free trials include:

  • 10 searched per day
  • You can search up to 10 keywords per day. Whether you use your competitor’s URL to do competitive analysis or research a niche in keyword magic tools, you can perform only 10 searches per day.
  • Also, you can get only 10 results per search. That way you can get either the first 10 keywords or 10 backlinks per search result.
  • You can create a single project per account. In the project, you can save data for a website. That way viewing analytics reports become much more convenient. 

If you are running a website, the free trials are not sufficient. You need more quota to do keyword research and in-depth analysis to survive in the market.

SEMrush has different plans for your requirements.

SEMrush pricing and Plan

The cheapest one is $99.95/month.

What advantages does SEMrush have over google keyword planner?

Google keyword planner tool is solely used to do Keyword research for search engine marketing. With the GKP you can do keyword research for your SEO campaigns as well.

GKP could help get keyword suggestions and search volume metrics. However, the search volume provided by GKP is in a range, not the exact value.
SEMrush is a paid SEO tool with 7 million users.
According to research, the SEMrush generates 98.1% more keyword suggestions than the Google keyword planner. 

Google keyword planner’s feature of keyword analysis is limited when we compare it with the SEMrush.

What is the best-paid tool for keyword research?

Undoubtedly, SEMrush is the best keyword research and SEO tool among all the paid tools available in the market.
It has the largest keyword database and 7 million active users.
Long Tail Pro is the best for long-tail keyword research.

If you’re looking for an affordable keyword research tool, then the KWfinder is the best affordable tool for Beginners.
it uses many paid keyword research tools as a data source including SEMrush, majestic, and many more.

Is Google Keyword planner free?

Google Keyword Planner is absolutely free. 
you can access GKP from Google ads where you can run ads on Google search engine and their partner platforms.
you need a Gmail account to create an account on Google Ads.

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Final words on SEMrush vs Google Keyword planner 

Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool and is praised by many SEO experts. 

Though, You can use it as a free keyword research tool.

But, when it comes to keyword suggestions and data accuracy, GKP has some limitations.

That’s why SEMrush is better than GKP. Its keyword suggestions are of high quality and diverse. 

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