Top 12 Best Pay per free signup affiliate programs for Beginners to start making money

Making money from a Brand NEW Blog sounds too difficult. Right?

New Blog requires continuous effort on doing market research, writing quality content, building backlinks, promoting on social media platforms, doing SEO, and getting traffic to it.

On average, Beginner bloggers take from 6 months to 1 year to start making money from their blog.

Indeed, you’ll get various articles on the internet on different methods of monetizing your blog as a beginner. But still, you are finding it hard to actually earn money from your blog.

Affiliate marketing is one of them, that you’ve heard a lot of time. But, there are different types of affiliate programs available that you don’t know. The only one you know is pay per sale type.

But here is a thing no one talks about.

It’s very, Very Hard to build trust and make your readers purchase from your affiliate links.

Here is the Solution.

As a beginner blogger, you need such affiliate programs that your readers don’t need to put their money to get things done.

There is a type of affiliate program where you get paid when your readers complete the free sign-up process.

That’s what I would like to call is “Pay Per Free Signup Affiliate Program“.

There are many Pay Per Free Signup Affiliate programs available that are paying up to $30 per free SignUp you referred.

The pay per Lead or Pay per free SignUp affiliate program is the easiest way to monetize your blog in 2021.

You are getting paid whenever someone signs up for a program from your affiliate link. 

The programs like Pay per free SignUp or PPL make it easier to start making money for newbies.

The best part of the PPL affiliate program is that your readers only need to free sign up for the program you prefer. You are getting paid for each lead you refer that completes the Signup process. 

As a Bonus, if the user you referred purchases something, you also get a commission. 

Sounds Deal. 


So, here is a list of some hand-picked PPL affiliate programs that you are looking for.


ShareASale is a very popular affiliate marketplace. You can find plenty of PPL affiliate products in your niche in the ShareASale affiliate program.

ShareASale is a trusted affiliate program. I am also an affiliate of the program.

But I’m speaking here of ShareASale itself.

ShareASale has its affiliate program. It pays you a whopping $30 for each SignUp you refer. 

You get qualified for the commission when your referred lead makes at least $20 commission on Shareasale.


  • Free affiliate Signup $30
  • Merchant Signup $150


Grammarly helps you writing Grammatically correctly. If English is not your primary language like mine, Grammarly is the only tool you need.

Grammarly offers $0.20 for each SignUp you refer to. If your referred lead purchases Grammarly’s premium plan, you get a $20 commission.

As a bonus, if you place their banner ad or Write a good article about them on your blog, you will get a  $25 bonus. 


  • $0.20 for free SignUp
  • $20 for premium plan upgrade
  • $25 bonus for placing banner or writing a blog post about Grammarly

Program available on:

  • Grammarly 
  • CommisssionJunction
  • ShareAsale


If you are a small business owner looking for Good cloud-based accounting software, Freshbook is for you. 

Freshbook is an invoice and accounting software for small businesses. It offers distinct features like sending invoices, time tracking, receipt management, and expense management.

It also allows you to accept payments through credit cards.

It has both the referral program and affiliate program.

Let’s talk about its affiliate program.

Freshbook offers a very attractive pay per free SignUp affiliate program. 

Freshbook offers $10 for each SignUp you refer.

Also, if your referred lead is upgrading to a premium plan you will get a $200 commission.


  • $10 for Free Signup
  • $200 per Sale

Program available on:

  • ShareASale is an alternative to Google Adsense. If your AdSense account is not getting approved, you can go to It is easier to get approval on the AdSense.

 It has also an affiliate program that offers you 10% of your referral’s earning till 18 months. Also, your referral will get a 10% bonus for 3 months.


  • 10% of total earning for 18 months


CreativeLive is an online learning platform like Skillshare.

It offers 1500+ courses taught by 700+ handpicked instructors. The courses offered are mainly focused on creativity and entrepreneurship. 

Their photography and photoshop classes are very popular. 

Let’s talk about their affiliate program.

Creativelive offers a 20% commission rate for each new customer you refer. And 10% of recurring revenue.

Also, it offers $1 for each new registration, you refer to.

For more information, check out their affiliate FAQ page.


  • $1 for free Signup
  • 20% commission per sale 
  • 10% recurring revenue


Pluralsight is a learning platform for IT people. It offers different courses on software development, IT ops, cybersecurity, cloud computing, AI/Machine learning, and so on.

The Pluralsight also offers skill assessments to test your skill, Labs to get hands-on experience, and many more.

It has a very lucrative affiliate program to offer.

It offers a 10-day free trial. 

That requires credit card details.

When anyone starts a free trial from your affiliate link, you get a $5 commission.


  • $5 per free trial registration 
  • 50% commission per monthly subscription
  • 15% commission per annual subscription
  • 10% commission per premium subscription

If you are running any technical blogs, you should give them a try.


Semrush is one of the best cloud-based SEO tools. It offers many features like keyword research, backlink research, technical audit, competitive research, and so on.

Semrush is highly popular and recommended by leading SEO experts and bloggers.

Semrush offers $0.01 for free SignUp. More on that, it offers $10 for each new trial you prefer. And $200 commission per sale.

Semrush’s pay per free SignUp affiliate program offers a very low commission rate. However, their trial registration commission is comparatively good. Also, the conversion rate of the tool is pretty higher than other SEO tools.


  • $0.01 per free SignUp
  • $10 for a new trial
  • $200 per sale

Program available on:

  • Berush
  • Shareasale
  • Impact radius


Ginger is an alternative to Grammarly. It offers different writing features like grammar checking, sentence rephrasing, punctuation checking, spelling checking, and so on.

Ginger offers $0.5 per Free Signup. And more than 20% commission per sale.


  • $0.5 per Free Signup
  • $20 per premium plan purchase


Sendinblue is an alternative to mailchimp. But, it has more features to offer than just email marketing.

It offers email marketing, SMS marketing, personalized chat on your website, marketing automation, also it helps you create landing pages, SignUp forms, running Facebook ads, ads retargeting, and so on.

With the free account of Sendinblue, you can manage unlimited contacts and send 300 emails per day.

Sendinblue offers a good pay per free SignUp affiliate program.

For each free SignUp you refer, you get paid €5.

As a bonus, when your referred user purchases their paid plan you will get paid €100.


  • €5 for each free SignUp
  • €100 per sale

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software. It offers features like email marketing, email marketing automation, eCommerce, Social media marketing, contact list management, real-time tracking, and so on.

Constant contact offers a $5 commission for each free SignUp you refer. And $105 commission per sale.

You can place affiliate links and ads on your website.

The email marketing tool is very popular and recommended by experts like Syed balkhi, Founder of wpbeginner. 


  • $5 commission per free trial SignUp
  • $105 per sale


1password is an online password manager tool. Not only passwords but also you can store all your confidential data like confidential logins, bank account information, secure notes, and many more.

1password offers a $2 commission for every free SignUp you referred. And 25% commission on payments for a year.


  • $2 per Free Signup
  • 25% commission per sale for the first years 


Similarweb is an online competitive research tool. You can check the traffic, performance, and strategy of any website.

Similarweb offers $10 per lead and $50 for each free trial registration you refer to.

They also offer promotional materials like the landing page, text links, Banners, and creatives in multiple languages.


  • $10 per lead
  • $50 per Free trial registration


Payoneer is one of the best alternatives to PayPal. It provides online transaction solutions.

You can create a free virtual US Bank account to get payments. 

Payoneer card delivery at home


  • $25 reward for each referral when they receive $1000

Referral program

How to find more pay per free SignUp affiliate programs on ShareASale in your Niche?

Indeed, ShareASale is one of the best affiliate marketplaces. You can get more pay-per-lead products on ShareASale. 

Here is how you can find the best pay-per-lead programs and start making money by promoting them.

  • Sign in to the Shareasale.
  • Click on the “SEARCH FOR MERCHANTS” option in the “MERCHANTS” section.
  • Now, choose the category or sub-categories that are suitable for your niche.

Here you will receive tons of merchandise for affiliate marketing.

But, you can find products that are offering pay per lead commission.

  • For that, select the Lead Commission option.

Here, you have the list of products that are offering lucrative pay-per-lead commissions.

This was the list of top Hand-Picked Pay by free SignUp affiliate programs. Some of them are paying a high commission per lead.

Make sure that the products you promote are in your niche. The traffic you get on your website should be relevant and more likely to purchase the products. That way, you can earn per sale commissions, which is much higher than the pay per lead commissions.  

top 12 best hand-picked pay per free signup affiliate programs

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