6 Best [free & paid] Long-tail keyword Finder tools

Are you doing the same mistake that other beginners are doing?

Many beginners are doing one major mistake. They try to rank high search volume, generic keywords instead of specific long-tail keywords.

In this article, you will find the best long-tail keyword finder tools and their pros and cons.

Let’s understand how long-tail keywords can help you grow your (blogging) business.

KeywordsSearch VolumeKDSearch intentTarget Audience
cheap laptops22k90%informational
cheap laptops for students1k87%buyingstudents
cheap laptops under 2000014088%buying
cheap laptops for artists500buyingartists
long-tail keyword analysis

The seed or generic keywords are high in search volume. Also, they are the most competitive keywords with no buying intent.

The last three keywords have very low search volume, but the keyword difficulty of those keywords is very less than the seed keywords.

The biggest benefit of long-tail keywords is that they bring highly targeted and converting traffic.

Here are some long-tail keyword finder tools that will make your keyword research task easier and more accurate.

Answer the public

This tool uses Google’s autocomplete data and comes up with useful questions and long-tail keywords around the search query.

It’s a goldmine of content ideas and valuable questions people are asking Google around a topic.

Its keywords comparison feature can provide you a big opportunity to rank for buying intent keywords. The comparison section reveals keywords comparison like ‘A vs B’ or ‘A versus B’ (ie: iPhone vs iPad). These are the decision-making keywords; you can rank for it and get good conversions.

Useful to generate long-tail keywords and generate content ideasThe free version allows three searches a day
A helpful tool to find what people are searching for about your niche productsDoes not provide important metrics like search volume, competition, …
Easy to find popular and relevant questions 
Compare data over time 
The free tool allows downloading results into CSV or .jpeg file 
answer the public


SEMrush is an all-in-one tool for SEOs.  It provides very useful insights into the keywords like search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC value.

That’s why SEMrush is recommended tool among SEO experts.

SEMrush can truly help you accelerate your affiliate sales. Checkout this in-depth Guide on Keyword Research Affiliate Marketing.

SEMrush has the largest database of Keywords that could be one of the reasons why it is a reliable keyword research tool.

There are mainly two ways you can use SEMrush to generate long-tail keywords quickly.

1. Find long-tail keywords using the keyword magic tool

This is a very simple and easiest way to generate tons of long-tail keywords very quickly. That’s why this method is very popular among SEO experts.

Here is a step-by-step guide on finding long-tail keywords using the Keyword magic tool.

Log in to the SEMrush dashboard using this link.

Open keyword magic tool under the keyword research section

SEMrush dashboard

Now, enter the seed keyword in the search box (use only 1 or 2 words)

The result generated is containing both long tail and short tail keywords. You can filter those keywords using ‘Advanced filters’ by setting the minimum word count from 3 to 15.

SEMrush advanced filter

Here we’ve generated tons of long-tail keywords using the keyword magic tool. This is how SEMrush can reduce your guesswork and makes your tedious keyword research task easier.

2. Finding long-tail keywords using competitive research

Using this method you can easily find your competitor’s top-ranking long-tail keywords.

Make a list of your competitors’ domain URL

Login to your SEMrush dashboard

Now, enter your competitor’s website URL in the Domain overview section.

Find the Top Organic Keywords section on the result page and click the View full report button.

 Now, you can use an advanced filter to filter long-tail keywords by setting the minimum word count to 3.

Google auto-complete

According to Google, it’s a feature “designed to make it faster to complete searches that you are beginning to type.”

The Google autocomplete prediction comes from two sources. One that you searched in the past if you’re signed in to your Google account. And second is from other people that are searching for the same topic, it also includes trending searches.

Here is a Guide from Google you can use to personalize Google autocomplete predictions.

Google autocomplete suggestions
Google autocomplete suggestions

It was made to reduce typing time and speed up searches. But, SEO marketers can leverage this feature in many ways like keyword research, ORM optimization, understanding search intent, and so on.

  • Keyword research

The feature provides predictions based on real searches by searchers in real-time.

Yet the feature does not help like other paid search tools but it can be your first go-to place to get basic ideas of long-tail keywords.

The feature also uses your past searches to provide predictions. So, to get unbiased predictions, you can use incognito mode or sign out your Google account.

You can understand more about google autocomplete from this Google blog.


KWfinder is one of the best long-tail keyword finder tools available in the market because of its simplicity, amazing features, and beginner-friendly user interface which makes it the best suitable for beginner bloggers.

KWfinder dashboard

Its advanced filter helps you easily find Buying long-tail keywords.


  • Most affordable SEO Tool
  • Beginner-Friendly user-interface
  • Multiple search options
  • High-Quality Live Chat Support
  • Accurate Keyword difficulty
  • Suitable for budget bloggers


  • Capped Keyword results (limited Keyword results)
  • No site crawl and content analysis feature
  • not a good choice for competitive research

If you are a beginner and looking for a good and cheap Keyword research tool, then this tool could be your best choice to find long-tail keywords.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is an advanced tool for long-tail keyword research.

What makes Long Tail Pro different from other keyword research tools is that its algorithms that display only targetable long tail Keywords.

Here is how you can generate low competition long-tail keywords.

Add SEED keywords in the search box. Also, you can add multiple seed keywords at once.

 Here we have a long list of low competition long-tail keywords with important metrics like search volume, competition, and so on.


Keywordtool.io uses Google autocomplete to generate relevant long-tail keywords.

It reveals great relevant keywords that are hidden in the Google keyword planner.

Relying GKP for SEO keyword research will not help you get long-term success because according to Rand Fishkin (MOZ founder) “AdWords is omitting data to bias advertisers toward certain keywords.”

Keywordtool.io helps you find profitable long-tail keywords with low competition that could be time-consuming and inaccurate with GKP, Google autocomplete, and other free tools.

The free version of the tool can generate up to 750+ keywords from Google autocomplete.

The PRO version provides more metrics like search volume, Trends, CPC, competition, and so on.

ToolsMonthly planAnnual Plan
Long tail pro37$/month25$/month
Tools Price comparison

Final Words on best long-tail keyword finder tools

KWfinder and Long Tail pro could be the best suitable for beginner bloggers because of their affordable prices and beginner-friendly user interface.

If you are using SEMrush then you don’t need to purchase any other keyword research tools. Although you can give it a try to Long Tail pro or keywordtool.io because of their unique long-tail keyword finding features. 

Google autocomplete and GKP are free tools and they can be used to get rough ideas on keywords but these tools cannot give you long-term success.

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