KWFinder Review: The Best Keyword Research Tool for Beginners

KWFinder is one of the best Keyword Research tools for Beginner Bloggers.

If you are a beginner and looking for a good and cheap Keyword research tool, then this tool could be your best choice to find long-tail keywords.


KWFinder review


  • Affordable SEO Tool
  • Beginner-friendly user-interface
  • High-Quality Chat Support


  • Most affordable SEO Tool
  • Beginner-Friendly user-interface
  • Multiple search options
  • High-Quality Live Chat Support
  • Accurate Keyword difficulty
  • Suitable for budget bloggers


  • Capped Keyword results (limited Keyword results)
  • No site crawl and content analysis feature
  • not a good choice for competitive research

Read this KWFinder review to see if this tool is right for you.

If you’re a beginner blogger and serious about making your blog profitable as quickly as possible, you need a good keyword research tool that can fit into your budget.

Using Free Keyword research tools is not a good way to find profitable keywords as the competition is growing rapidly. Searching Keywords with the free resources is very time-consuming and mostly inaccurate. 

There are many SEO tools available in the market. But, most of them don’t fit into the requirements of beginner bloggers.

Especially when they are just starting their blog and don’t have a good grasp.

KWFinder Review

KWfinder is a very user-friendly SEO tool developed by Mangools.

It generates tons of Keyword ideas with their search volume and very accurate Keyword difficulty. Its advanced filter helps you find tons of profitable keywords.

KWFinder provides more features like SERP Analysis, Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, and SEO metrics & Insights that fulfill all the requirements of a beginner blogger.

Let’s explore what makes KWFinder such an amazing SEO tool.

KWFinder Features

Let’s start with its simplest dashboard.

What makes the KWFinder such an amazing SEO tool is its simplest and beginner-friendly dashboard.

You can start with the seed keywords or do competitive research to reverse engineer to find your competitors’ top ranking keywords.

KWFinder User-friendly Dashboard

It provides identifiers that help you research the best keywords.

The best part of the KWFinder keyword research is that it also helps you research keywords for PPC campaigns.

On the same dashboards, you can identify the trend of the topic.

The advanced filter helps you filter out unwanted keywords and find low competition keywords. It also helps you find long-tail keywords that satisfy user intent.

Here is how you can find long-tail keywords using KWFinder Tool.

Find Long-tail Keywords using KWFinder

Make a list of SEED keywords.

Now, enter seed keywords or you can enter multiple keywords using bulk upload.

You can enter your seed keyword in the below Search box.

Open Filter option.

 You can set minimum search volume criteria if you want.

KWFinder filter Options to get LOW competition, Buying Intent Keywords

Left PPC section blank as you don’t need to know your advertising competition

Included Keywords

Here you can add multiple words that should be included in the keywords list. You can add multiple keywords to find the best buying intent keywords.

Here are some words that can be included in the list to find buying intent keywords.

  • For
  • Best
  • Buy
  • Under
  • Review
  • Discount

Moving to the next section “Number of words

You can set a minimum number of words to 3 or 4 depending on the competition of your niche.

Now, Press the Set filter button to see the goldmine.

Another way to find keywords by stealing your competitor’s meal is to use search by domain feature.

Insert your competitor’s domain or URL and get their top ranking and profitable keywords.

Apply the same filter as above and get low competition, long tail, and buying intent keywords.

It doesn’t end here; you can explore more than just keywords on the KWFinder dashboards.

Its ‘Autocomplete’ and ‘Questions’ sections help you find more valuable data.

Multiple Search options


The autocomplete data is fetched from Google’s autocomplete feature.


The Questions section provides the entire questions asked by searchers around the topic on Google.

KWFinder: Keyword Difficulty

How well you research for the keywords but at last what your aim is to rank on the first page.

Keyword difficulty is the metric you need to look at first before start writing an article.

It shows how hard it is to rank for the keywords.

KWFinder makes it much easier by making it available on the same dashboard with the Google Trend data fetched from the same tool.

Keyword Difficulty (KD) Score and Google Trends data

If you use different Keyword research tools to identify the keyword difficulty, you will get different results. Because different keyword research tools use different algorithms to define keyword difficulty scores.

KD score with interactive COLOR-Coding

Again what makes KWFinder worth buying is its accurate and interactive color-coding of the Keyword difficulty (KD) score.

KWFinder: SERP Analysis Feature

KWFinder’s SERP analysis shows the OFF-page strength of the first page of SERP.

The dashboard makes it easier to identify Metrics like DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority) that is defined by MOZ. The DA PA terms provide the score that predicts how well the Domain or the Page will rank. They are calculated by dozens of factors like MozTrust, MozRank, link counts, and so on.

CF (Citation flow) is again a term developed by Majestic, predicts how influential the URL is, based on the number of sites link to it.

TF (Trust Flow) is a term developed by Majestic, focuses on the Quality of backlinks. Based on the seed domains linked to it.

Links are the number of Backlinks to the Page.

FB is the number of Facebook shares of the page, the data fetched from the Facebook API.

LPS is the Link Profile Strength of the URL.

The metric is developed by Mangools and it shows how strong the competitor is in terms of Backlinks.

The higher the number, the harder it’ll be to outrank it with OFF-Page SEO.

If you want to get more insights into SERP analysis you can check the full SERP checker App that is solely focused on SERP analysis and run by Mangools.

KWFinder’s SERP Checker Tools for competitive analysis of first page of Google SERP

The SERP checker app helps you research more on the OFF-page strength of the competitors.

It reveals more metrics like Alexa rank, referring domain, and referring IPs.

The good part of the SERP checker app is that it allows you to compare your site with your competitor’s site to identify your competitor’s weak points.

The KWFinder review does not end here there are more to explore. There are three more apps to be explored.

SERPWatcher (Rank Tracking)

The Rank tracking feature of the SERP watcher helps you show important data like:

  • Daily rankings
  • Performance index
  • Estimated visits
  • Top gainers and losers Keyword position flow and distribution
  • Interactive shared reports
  • Email reports and alerts

You can check and get an update of SERP data for two different devices like desktop and mobile for a specific country.

With the SERP Watcher feature, you can keep an eye on your ranking keywords daily.

Link Miner (Backlink Analysis)

LinkMiner app helps you do competitive research for getting backlink opportunities.

It shows backlink data like CF, TF, FB, AR, anchor text, and link strength.

The user-friendly dashboard makes it easier to identify Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks as well as Active or deleted Links.

SiteProfiler (SEO metrics and Insights)

The SiteProfiler shows A-to-Z SEO metrics and insights of the domain from metrics DA PA to top content based on referring domain and based on Facebook shares.

Is KWFinder suitable for beginner Bloggers?

If you are just starting your blog, KWFinder is an all-in-one tool you need.
When you consider all the aspects of the KWFinder:
User-friendly interface,
color coding,
Data accuracy,
Simple Dashboard
It clearly defines that the tool was specially made for beginners.

What is Keyword difficulty (KD) in KWFinder?

Keyword Difficulty (KD) is an SEO metric developed by Mangools to estimate how difficult it is to rank the first page of SERP for a specific Keyword.
The higher the number, the more difficult it to outrank the competitor and rank on the first page of Google SERP.

Does KWFinder fit into my Budget?

KWfinder Pricing

If you have checked the price of some popular SEO tools, you will find that KWFinder’s most expensive agency plan is cheaper than some popular SEO tool’s beginner plan.

ToolsMonthly planAnnual plan
Long tail pro37$/month25$/month
Tools Price comparison

 Undoubtedly, the KWfinder is worth buying.

Here is how you can use the KWfinder tool to get the most outcomes from it from the first month?

How to use KWFinder?

Before we start using KWFinder, you need to understand the search intent of the keywords.

Search intent is the intention of the searcher while searching for a keyword.

Based on search intent you can identify whether the searcher is looking for purchasing the product or just finding the information.

Based on the search intent there are four types of keywords.

  • Navigational keywords: How to, buying guide
  • Informational keywords: Facebook, Apple, Google
  • Transactional keywords: best keyboards, laptops for students, discount, price
  • Commercial keywords: dell keyboards

You need to focus more on transactional and navigational keywords. These are the keywords mostly used by searchers before making the buying decision.

Now, use KWfinder and enter your seed keywords.

Apply advanced filter and add buying intent words like “buy”, “for”, “Under” in the included keywords to get the buying intent keywords and apply filter.

If you are doing affiliate marketing, you can check out this in-depth Guide on doing keyword research for affiliate marketing.

Final Words

In this KWFinder Review you got brief introduction of the tool.

When it comes to a user-friendly interface, no SEO tool can provide it at this price?

KWfinder is the most beginner-friendly keywords research tool

Its metrics and especially KD score are very accurate.

KWfinder makes it easier to find low competition, long-tail keywords.

KWfinder is worth buying for beginner bloggers to beat the competition and make their blog profitable.

When it comes to an easy user interface, no SEO tools can compete with KWfinder.

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