How to do keyword research for Affiliate Marketing (find profitable keywords)

Are you looking for high search volume keywords that generate hundreds or thousands of traffic on your website?

If you are looking to generate more sales through your affiliate link, you need to focus on the right high-converting traffic.

Google is the largest source of Quality traffic that is very targeted and highly converting.

Below, Few statistics show why getting organic traffic is important.

  • 53% of US consumers research Google before making a purchase, according to Google.
  • Over 7 billion searches occur on Google per day, according to Worldometers.
  • Organic traffic converts 5.66 times more than paid traffic, according to MOZ

In this article, you will learn

  • How to do keyword research for affiliate marketing?
  • What is the searcher’s buying intent?
  • What are the best keywords for Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to find buying intent keywords?

Searcher’s buying Intent Keywords

  • Laptop
  • Best laptops under 20000
  • Best laptops for students
  • dell vostro coupon code

Now, Guess which search query shows the Strong buying intention?

  • Laptop

“Laptop” is a seed keyword with the highest search volume.

The seed keyword does not show clear user intention. We can’t predict whether the user wants to know about a laptop or to buy a laptop.

Seed keywords are mostly used to get product information.

The visitors are at the Top of the Funnel of their Buyer’s journey.

Ranking for such a keyword is almost impossible. Because you are competing directly with the industry giants.

Ranking the seed keyword can help you acquire new visitors and later you can convert them into buying customers. For that, you have to put enormous effort into building high-quality lengthy content and link building for a very long time.

  • Best laptops under 20000 / Best laptops for students

These are the more specific and lengthy also called “long-tail keywords” with low search volume.

The long-tail keywords reveal the clear user intention behind the search query.

These are the keywords that can bring highly targeted traffic to your affiliate blog.

We can easily know whether the user’s intention is informational or transactional.

The visitors are at the Middle of the Funnel of their buyer’s journey. That means the visitors know about the product and looking for the best suitable one for them.

Chances are more that such keywords bring conversions.

Competition for such keywords is comparatively lower than the seed keywords and sometimes at the very low link-building effort; you can easily rank on Google.

  • Dell vostro coupon code

The visitors are at the bottom of the funnel of their buyer’s journey. That means the searcher made a decision for buying the product and now he is looking for any coupon code, discount, or offer to reduce the final cost.

The conversion rate for such keywords is very high. 

Buying Intent Keywords for Affiliate marketing
Funnel and buying intent keywords for Affiliate Marketing

That’s how knowing Search intent makes your keyword research for affiliate marketing tasks much easier and effective

Long-tail keywords can help you turn your blog into money making blog in less time. Here are some more long-tail keywords and buying intent keyword formats that you can use on your blog.

Best Keywords for Affiliate Marketing

Here some formats that are used by buying audience. you can use these formats while doing keyword research for affiliate marketing.

Best [products name]

Best [products name] is a general comparison of the products in the same category.

For example,

  • Best Bluetooth speakers
  • Best gaming laptop

This format can be a high search volume but also high in the competition.

 You can make it more specific to achieve lucrative and low competition keywords.

Best [products name] for Y

For example:

  • Best laptops for student
  • Best laptops for businessman
  • Best laptops for gaming

Best [products name] under [amount]

For example:

  • Best laptops under 20000
  • Best helmet under 2000
  • Best Bluetooth helmet under 5000

Best [products name] for Y with [Condition]

This format can help you find low-competition keywords. This keyword format is the best suitable for micro-niche blogs.

For example:

  • Best bike helmet for toddler with a big head
  • best speakers for pc with Bluetooth
  • best car speakers for bass with a subwoofer
  • best speaker with microphone for conference calls

A vs B: brand comparison

Brand comparison or product comparison keywords show that the user wants to buy the product but he need help to decide on multiple brands.

This format can be used to compare two or more brands at a time.

These types of keywords are low in search volume though their conversion rate is very high. The searcher has already researched the product on the internet and made purchasing decisions over 2 or 3 products.   

For Example

  • Hp vs Dell laptops
  • Dell vs Lenovo laptops

Product review

This is one of the best money-making keyword formats for the affiliate marketer. The buyer is about to make the purchase.

The buyer has done all the research about the product. Now, he wants to read an in-depth review before buying it.

For example:

  • Inspiron 15 5000 dell review
  • Chromebook 11 dell review 
Illustration: keyword research for affiliate marketing
keyword research for affiliate marketing

How to do keyword research for affiliate marketing?

Here is the step-by-step Guide on keyword research for affiliate marketing.

  1. Make a list of Seed keywords
  2. Generate long-tail keywords using seed keywords
  3. find important metrics for the long-tail keywords
  4. Check SERP for keywords cannibalization

Step #1. Make a list of seed keywords

Seed keywords can be 1-2 words long, not more than that.

Let’s say your niche (micro-niche) is computer keyboards.

After research and a little brainstorming, we have the following seed keyboards.

Seed keywords:

  • Wireless keyboards
  • Mechanical keyboards
  • Flexible keyboards
  • Ergonomic keyboards
  • Gaming keyboards

Step #2. Generate long-tail keywords using seed keywords

We’ll find a profitable long-tail keyword for “wireless keyboard”.

Now, we want such long-tail keywords that buyer searches at the middle or bottom of the funnel.

We can further narrow down this keyword by adding a prefix like Best, cheap, top, etc.

  • Cheap wireless keyboards
  • Best wireless keyboards
  • Top [number] wireless keyboards

Now, we will use Google autocomplete tool for more specific keywords.

Google autocomplete

Google auto-complete is the best free tool you can use to get unlimited long-tail keywords.

Google auto-complete suggestions

Google uses the same queries that people are searching around the topic for auto-complete “predictions”.

In the same way, we can generate long-tail keywords for all the seed keywords.

Amazon autocomplete

You can use Amazon autocomplete to get more ideas on what buying people are searching on Amazon.

Amazon auto-complete suggestions

People also search for

This is the best opportunity for LSI keywords.

LSI keywords are the secondary keywords related to the main primary keywords that you can use in your blog. LSI keywords can help you rank your blog for multiple keywords.

Google Keyword planner

you can use Google Keyword Planner to find more long-tail keywords. but don’t get confused with its competition metric. because the competition metric data is for advertisers not for SEO.

GKP is a free keyword research tool. however, according to a study by backlinko, the GKP provides 67.9% fewer keywords suggestions than other paid Keyword research tools.

That’s why relying on GKP for Keyword research might be insufficient, inaccurate, and time-consuming.

you can use SEMrush for keyword research.

Long-tail keyword research using SEMrush

here’s how can get hundreds or thousands of long-tail keywords using SEMrush.

If you are not using SEMrush, you can get 7 days free trial using the below link.

  • Log in to the dashboard
  • Open Keyword magic tool from left column under KEYWORD RESEARCH section
Keyword Magic tool: SEMrush
  • Now, Enter seed keywords and select your targeting country, and hit the Search button.
  • you will get all the keyword suggestions including the long tail, medium tail, and generic Keywords.
Long tai lkeyword research using SEMrush
  • Now, we’ll apply a filter to find out all the long-tail keywords that are hidden in the long list of keyword suggestions.
  • For that select the Advanced Filter button.
SEMrush advanced Filter for finding long-tail keywords
  • Enter minimum word count to 3 or 4 and hit Apply button.
Long-tai keywords

Here is the list of long-tail keywords.

But, as we discussed before, searcher’s buying intent keywords are highly converting.

You want to get buying intent keywords for affiliate marketing.

for that, click on the Include Keywords button. and, select Any keywords option.

Filter buying intent Keywords

Enter the buying intent adjectives and extensions that we discussed before in keyword formats.

Here are few more intent words that you can add to the list.

  • Buy
  • Coupon
  • Discount
  • Deal
  • Shipping
  • Review
  • Best
  • top
  • Affordable
  • Cheap
  • for
  • with
  • under
  • best

Click on the Apply Button.

Buying Intent Keywords for Affiliate Marketing

Here, You have a full list of searcher’s buying intent keywords for your Affiliate Marketing Blog.

Step #3. Find important metrics for the long-tail keywords

SEMrush does the job.

However, you can Use FREE Ubersuggest chrome extension to identify many important metrics like search volume, CPC, SEO difficulty, etc.

It also suggests related keywords that can be used as LSI keywords.

Here are some more tools you can use.

MOZbar chrome extension:

MOZbar provides metrics like Page authority, domain authority, and total backlinks on the SERP.

Step #4. Check SERP for keyword cannibalization

Now, you have a long list of long-tail keywords for writing articles. But you can’t create an individual article for each keyword.

Keyword cannibalization means ranking multiple articles for the same keywords.

Let’s say we have 4 long-tail keywords. We want to write an article and rank for each keyword.

  • Best wireless keyboard for laptop
  • Best wireless keyboard for pc
  • Best wireless keyboard for typing
  • Best wireless keyboard for mac
same results for different keywords

Here the SERPs show the same results for Best wireless keyboard for laptops and Best wireless keyboard for pc. That means Google treats both keywords the same way.

So, instead of writing an individual article for both keywords, we can use the second keyword as an LSI keyword in the same article.

For the third and fourth keywords, Google shows different results on SERP.

Best paid tools for keyword research for affiliate marketing

The manual keyword research process is very time-consuming and inaccurate.

There are some paid keyword research tools available in the market that can make your keyword research task very easy, accurate, and faster.

Long Tail Pro

If you are looking for a tool that is highly intended to research long-tail keywords then Long Tail Pro is the best solution.

Long Tail Pro is mainly focused on Long-tail keywords and is recommended by many reputed SEO experts.

With the Long Tail Pro, you can find your competitor’s best-performing Keywords.

also read: Long tail keyword research tools


SEMrush is an all-in-one tool for SEO. It is a must-have tool to take any business to next level.

Here is how you can use SEMrush to get low-hanging long tail nugget keywords.

Open keyword magic tool from keyword research tool section.

Insert your SEED keywords in the search bar. select the advanced filter and set the “word count” filter to 4 to 8 words and click on Apply Button. Now you can see all the long-tail keywords in the tool.

Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing FAQ

What is Search intent in SEO?

Search intent is the intention of a user behind searching certain queries (or Keywords) on the Search Engine
Understanding the user’s search intent helps you identify the stage of his buying journey.
Search intent can be categorized in four ways:
1. informational
2. navigational
3. commercial
4. transactional

Why is Search intent important in affiliate marketing?

Search intent or also called “User intent” helps you identify such keywords that a user would search on Google before making a purchase.
that way, you can build content and rank on Google to get those highly converting users.

What are the best keywords for Affiliate marketing?

For Affiliate Marketing, long-tail keywords are the best.
Long-tail keywords are super-specific and low competition keywords that are easy to rank and get traffic that converts well.
for example:
best laptop for students
best laptop under 10k
cheap laptop for students

Targeting the searcher’s buying intent keywords in your content is the best strategy to acquire Quality traffic.
Buying intent keywords are the keywords that the user would search just before making the purchase to ensure his decision or get discounts.
for example:
Amazon coupon code
SEMrush Review

What is commercial intent?

Commercial intent keywords are the queries that user searches on Google for product information using its brand name.
Such Users could be loyal customers of the brand.
for example:
Apple Wireless AirPods Max
Apple iPhone X
Dell laptops
Dell vs HP laptops
The commercial intent keywords are more likely to generate leads or Sales.

How do I find buyer intent keywords?

Advertisers are more likely to run search ads for buyer intent keywords.
If you are looking for the easiest way to identify buyer intent keywords then search the keywords on Google and look for the paid SERP section.
here, you would find maximum ads on SERP.

Google search – "wordpress hosting"

Another way to find buyer intent keywords is to look for the CPC data column on SEMrush’s keyword magic tool. high CPC means more buying intent.

Even Google keyword planner can help you to identify them. just enter your keywords and check the Top of page bid column. The higher the bid, the higher the buying intent of the keyword.

Keyword Planner – "wordpress hosting"

Conclusion: Keyword research for Affiliate Marketing

When you are doing keyword research for affiliate marketing you need to focus on targeting long-tail buying keywords.

Understand the Search Intent of the keywords.

Use buying keyword formats to get high converting traffic.

understand your visitors’ Buying journey and target keywords accordingly.

follow the step-by-step process as given above to find long-tail keywords.

Keyword cannibalization can spoil your SERP ranking. research before writing an article on targeting different keyword variations.

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