How to find low competition keywords?

Looking for keywords that are easy to rank at low efforts?

Low competition keywords are easy to rank on google at low link building effort. In this post, you will know some easy tips to find low-hanging fruits.

Why you need low competition keywords?

Starting a new online business you need a lot of traffic to make it profitable. More traffic means more conversions!

Also, getting traffic from advertising is not a sustainable way for being profitable as a beginner. It takes lots of money and skill to acquire relevant and targeted traffic.

So, for beginners relying on SEO is the best way to get relevant traffic.

But being in a competitive niche, it’s very hard to get ranked on Google. It takes a lot of time and link-building efforts to rank for generic or popular keywords.

Generic keywords are the keywords with hundreds of thousands of search volume. But, these keywords are very difficult to rank. Because there are already many industry giants are ranking.

Generic keywords are very very high competition keywords. That is why you need low competition keywords.

How to find low competition keywords?

Finding low competition keywords is not difficult. I will show you some tricks and easy ways to find low competition keywords.

First, you need to understand long-tail keywords.

Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are more specific and low search volume. These are the keywords that can help you get a lot of traffic to your website at low link-building efforts.

Low competition, long-tail keywords
source: Backlinko

The ideal search volume for long-tail keywords is around 1000-2000. Sometimes, it can be less than 1000 based on niche competition.

 Long-tail keyword examples:

Generic (Short tail) keywords:

  • Cheap laptops
  • Bluetooth speaker

Long-tail keywords:

  • Cheap laptops for students under 20,000
  • Cheap laptops for students in UK
  • Cheap laptops for sale
  • Bluetooth speakers for tv
  • Bluetooth speakers for laptop
  • Bluetooth speakers for car
  • Bluetooth speakers under 1000

How to research keyword competition for FREE?

First, you need to understand what is the competition? Because different keyword research tools show different keyword difficulty numbers.

If you don’t have any paid tools to research keywords competition? That’s good.

If you search for keywords competition, you will get different numbers for difficulty on different tools based on their database and algorithm.

If you are using Google Keyword Planner to find the keyword difficulty, then the data you get is not 100% accurate. The competition in GKP is for advertisers not for SEO.

Here is an accurate way to research for keyword competition.

there are two ways you can find keyword competition without using any keyword research tools.

  1. Using Golden keyword ratio
  2. Using Mozbar to analyze keyword competition

Use Keyword Golden Ratio to find low competition keywords

The Keyword Golden ratio is a data-driven method to find low competition, long tail keywords.

The concept is firstly, developed by Doug Cunnington.

According to Doug Cunnington,

If you find a Keyword Golden Ratio phrase and you publish a piece of content targeting the keyword, your article should rank in the top 50 within a few days – sometimes hours. If your site has a decent authority and isn’t brand new, then you can rank in the top 15.

Basically, it is a ratio of Google results that have the keyword phrases in the title to the monthly search volume of the keyword.

Keyword Golden Ratio Formula

allintitle results

allintitle is an advanced google search operator. using the operator you can find the number of results that have keyword phrases in title.

here is how you can use the operator.

allintitle search result

The allintitle results for the given long tail keywords is 10. and, the monthly search volume is 260.

KGR=(allintitle results)/(monthly search volume)


The KGR for the long tail keyword is 0.0384 that is less than 0.25

So, A great opportunity to rank for a long tail keyword.

Pro Tip: You will get below 0.25 KGR at mostly low search volume keywords.

Use MozBar for finding low competition keywords

you can use both Keyword Golden Ratio and Mozbar extension to find low competition keywords. because Mozbar helps you do competitive research of the SERP results.

MozBar chrome extension

This is the tool that will help you identify keywords competition.

Install the MozBar Chrome extension.

MozBar Chrome extension reveals two important parameters of a ranking page. That is the page authority and backlinks received to the particular page.

Signals to low difficulty keywords: Low DA, Low Backlinks

Now, search the keyword on Google that you found through some keyword research process.

If the ranking site has fewer than 30 DA (Domain authority) and few backlinks that mean, the website is new and ranking for low competition keywords.

Use this DA result to interpret Keyword competition

 LOW: More than 3 results with DA less than 20 Low competition

 LOW-MID:  1 or 2 results with 20 DA and others are in 30-50 DA range

 MID: Most of the results are in 30-60 DA range

 MID-HIGH: Most results are in the middle-level range and 1 or 2 in the 70-90 DA range

 HIGH: Most of the results are in the range of 70-90 DA 

Tips to finding low competition opportunities:

This is an easy and best way to find low competition keywords.

Strong signal: forums and social media sites are ranking

When Google can’t find blogs or pages on searched queries, it forcefully ranks free sites on SERP.

So, weak sites are the free platforms where we can publish content for free.

  • Here are some examples of some popular weak sites.
  • Forums
  • Other free article submission sites
  • Social media platforms like Facebook instant articles, LinkedIn articles, Pinterest, …
  • Youtube video

So, when any of these sites rank on SERP it is a strong signal of the lowest competition keyword.

How to Find low competition keywords using KWfinder?


KWFinder is an easy to use Long tail Keyword research tool.

you can use this tool to easily filter long tail, low competition keywords.

Here is how you can find keywords using KWFinder.

Enter your seed keywords into the KWFinder.

KWfinder keywords Filter

Now, apply filter and set minimum Number of words to 3 or 4.

you can also add multiple of word phrases that you want to be included in the long tail keywords.

click on Set filter button to get all the long tail keywords.

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Final Words: Find Low Competition Keywords

Low competition keywords are crucial to make your business profitable.

Generic (short tail) keywords are high volume but high competition keywords.

Long-tail keywords are low volume as well as low competition keywords.

Use keyword golden ratio to find low-hanging fruits and also use Mozbar to do competitive research.

Use MozBar chrome extension to research keyword competitions.

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