Article Marketing in 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Article marketing is one of the best ways of content marketing.

It does not only help you get free traffic but also building the great authority of your website.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to build articles that grab Reader’s Attention and convert them into Buying Customers.
  • How to find High-Quality article submission sites?
  • Where to find the writer who can write articles for you?
  • How to add value to the article with Quality Content?

So, if you want more targeted traffic and higher Google rankings, you will love this Guide.

Article Marketing Basics: What is Article Marketing?

Article Marketing is a part of content marketing and it is a process of writing articles, and submitting them to article directory sites to get targetted traffic and build backlinks for SEO.

Benefits of Article Marketing

There are several advantages of doing article marketing. From backlink building to getting tons of targeted traffic. Article marketing is the most effective and cheapest content marketing technique.

1. Brand Awareness

Article marketing helps you establish a good relationship with your targeted audience, that way you can get loyal readers and customers as well.

With Article Marketing, you can get maximum exposure on the internet and get maximum traffic to your blog.

2. Increase in Page rank

Even in 2021, Google gives importance to the backlinks.

you can find more on this Google’s search quality guideline.

Google loves if your content is getting backlinks from high authority sites. So, it’s a good way of impressing search engines.

Google identifies the quality of content by total backlinks received to the content. that way, building backlinks by article marketing help you gain more popularity and increase Domain authority that increases your chances of getting ranked on the first page of SERP.

3. Free Marketing

Writing an article might be costlier. but, article marketing is the best way of doing FREE marketing of your Business.

It gives you long-term benefits. also, it helps you to get links for a lifetime.

Advertising your site with a PPC campaign can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. that cost can be reduced with effective article marketing.

4. Your content may go viral

If your content is really of super quality and highly useful, it would not take much time to go viral.

Once your content goes viral, the readers are more likely to approach your blog for finding solutions. that way you will get more targeted readers on your blog.

Article Submission Sites: How to find Article submission sites?

Finding article submission sites for article marketing is easier than you think.

in this article, you will know the exact way how to find article submission sites.

before we start exploring Google to find those sites, you should know that there are two types of article submission sites.

  1. General article submission sites

General article submission sites accept articles on any topic. These types of sites get more traffic compared to niche-specific sites. insights taken from SimilarWeb

Here is the insight of the website from the SimilarWeb extension. is an article submission site where you can publish articles for FREE. it gets around 217.20 million visits per month.

These types of sites help you get maximum exposure on the internet. but, it would not be certain that your reader might be from your targeted audience.

2. Niche-specific article submission sites.

Niche-specific article submission sites accept articles on certain topics. niche-specific sites get less traffic compared to general article submission sites. visitors you might get from these sites would be your targeted audience.

here is given a list of some popular high domain authority article submission sites.

The most popular Free Article Submission Sites

Here are some lists of popular article submission sites that will help you get more visitors to your blog and build authority.

some of these sites allow you to publish articles instantly and some of them require manual approval. the best practice is to read their article submission guideline before writing the article.

Article Submission sites list

Find article submission sites in your niche

A Website focused on a particular topic or niche has more impact on SEO compared to general article submission sites.

Getting your article published on those sites requires more effort.

Here is how you can find article submission sites or guest posting opportunities in your niche using these simple tricks.

First, you need to find keywords and their variations in your niche.

For example, if you want blogs on the “keto diet” niche, then you can try various combinations of the keywords like “keto diet“, “ketosis diet“, “ketogenic diet” and so on.

Also, install the Mozbar chrome extension, it will help you find high DA(domain authority) sites, total backlinks received, and many more.

Use these exact Google search query strings with your keywords.

“Keyword” + “Guest post”

“keyword” + “write for us”

“Keyword” + “Guest Blog”

“Keyword” + “submit an article”

“Keyword” + “submit a guest post”

“Keyword” + “contribute guest post”

“Keyword” + “contribute to our blog”

+ “become a guest blogger”

+ “Guest blogging guidelines”

+ “contributor guidlines”

+ “send a tip”

finding article submission sites for keto diet niche for article marketing
Finding article submission sites for the keto diet niche

You can use the above search term formats to find great opportunities for article submission sites in your niche.

In most the cases, you will get .com, .net or .in domains.

However, as you know Google gives more importance to “.org”, “.gov” and “.edu” tld sites.

It is a good practice to build backlinks from these sites as well.

Here is a trick of finding .edu, .org, and .gov sites for article submission opportunities.

you can use the same google query strings as given above with few changes.

add or terms to the above-given search queries to get .edu and .gov sites for article submission opportunities.

here are some examples of Google search queries.

Get .edu sites for article submission

  • “keywords” “guest post”
  • “keywords” “guest blog”
  • “keywords” “submit an article”
  • “keywords” “submit a guest post”
  • “keywords” “submit a guest post”
  • “keywords” “write for us”
finding .edu sites for article marketing
finding .edu sites for article marketing

Outreach the website owner

It’s not easy to get published your article on such sites. sometimes, you need to outreach the website owner to convince and discuss the post ideas.

so, find their contact details and send an email or message describing that you are interested in writing a blog for their site. also, include some links to some of your best successful guess posts.

Topic Research and Preparation

Topic research is important to write Quality articles.

However, You can skip this chapter if you have enough knowledge of your niche or industry.

Choose and Research the RIGHT topic

Check out the article directory site’s trending pages to find out hot topics to write an article.

Google trends

Also, explore Google trends to get more ideas.

Google trends help you find trending topics worldwide and also in a particular geographical region.

Google trends

Publish a quality article and people will take the time to read it.

So, before writing an article it is a good practice to research the topic.

Google or Bing could be your first go-to guide to know about the topic. 

But, reading multiple posts scattered over the internet and connecting dots to visualize the complete picture is time-consuming.

But the point is you want a 360 view of the topic at a place.

Amazon’s look inside the book feature

For that, you can use Amazon’s (LITB) look inside the Book feature and Google books to get information for FREE.

Amazon’s Look inside the Book feature

Using these platforms, definitely you will get good insights on your topic.


Forums are the best source of finding HOT topics. Because forums are the place where people come to ask their questions and get solutions from experts.

You can use this Google search query string to find forums in your niche.

Forum: keywords

Use different variations of your main keywords.

How to write an article for Article Marketing?

The best tip any writer would give about article writing is to write a powerful headline first. because 80% of people read the headline first and then decide to read the article.

A powerful Headline can increase the CTR (click-through rate)

Write a compelling Headline first

A catchy title can take you far. Your title will catch your readers’ attention.

Here are Seven proven Headline rules from Neil Patel’s How to write headline guide.

  1. Number and negative words increase CTR.
  2. Keep your Headline under 65 characters for Search engine
  3. Odd numbers perform better than even numbers
  4. Aim for 6 words long headline
  5. Avoid words with multiple meanings
  6. Include Power words and adjectives
  7. Include exact numbers in the headline instead of round figures.

Add power words like guaranteed, amazing, unique, proven in the headline.

for example: How I increased my website traffic by 112.7% with Article Marketing

Use coschedule’s Headline analyzer tool to craft a compelling and SEO-friendly Headline that can help you stand apart.

Write an SEO-friendly Article

Writing SEO-friendly content is important because these article submission sites are highly SEO-friendly.

thus the Chances are more, that your published post gets ranked on SERP. for that you need to do strong keyword research on the topic. with the proper keyword research, you can find low competition keywords.

keep your article’s keyword density to 0.5 to 1 not more than that. place your keywords in a proper place. that way your article will look more genuine and flows nicely.

Use LSI keywords as well. The LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords help readers as well as search engines to better understand the context of the topic.

after all the quality of the article will determine the success of your efforts.

Provide your readers actionable and to-the-point information that they will find genuinely useful.

If they are spending 5-10 minutes reading your article, they should get maximum information or actionable tips from your content.

No fluffy content just to increase the length of your article.

If all you are doing is trying to promote yourself or attract attention, people will end up just passing you by.

If you are just a beginner at writing articles, try to write 400-500 words article daily. that way you can build a strong foundation in writing.

Daily practice can help you speed up your writing process. as your writing skill builds up, you can increase the length of your articles to 1500 to 2000 words a day.

Avoid Grammatical mistakes

A great writing tip is to use Grammarly. Grammarly is great because it allows you to identify common writing and grammar mistakes, spelling errors, incorrect comma usage, confused prepositions, repetitive words, and so on.

This is an awesome way to craft articles. also, you can use Hemmingway to optimize your content’s readability score.

Writing skill is very important in the field of blogging and internet marketing.

Outsourcing your work can speed up the process

Hiring a writer can help you build quality as well as quantity content in less time.

Freelancing platforms

you can use a freelancing platform to hire a writer. the best part of the freelancing platforms is that you can find writers that are writing in a specific industry.

The most popular freelancing platforms are and

Hiring article is the best investment you can make for effective article marketing.

Facebook Groups

You can find freelancers who can do Article submission for you on Facebook Groups.

Here are some links of group that I use for article marketing.

Use rich media content to keep engaging readers

Content in plain text looks boring. readers are more likely to left your article without reading the complete article.

So, the good advice is to add maximum images and videos.

screenshots of analytical results work GREAT. because positive results motivate readers to keep reading your article.

Tip: Avoid stock images

When it comes to image ranking, Google gives priority to the original content. stock images do not rank on Google.

also, you can use infographics in your content. Infographics are the best form of visual storytelling.

Free eBook can be a Great Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is what you can provide to your readers in exchange for an email or website visit.

An irresistible lead magnet can help you attract maximum traffic to your website and build an email list.

Also, writing an eBook leaves a good impression on readers as an expert.

You can use canva to quickly create and design an eBook.

Canva is an all-in-one tool for graphics design for non-designers.

Article Marketing Strategy and Tips

Now, the hardest part of the article marketing is completed.

Your well-written article is ready to get published on site.

Check out these tips before submitting the article:

  • Reread the article to identify grammatical and writing mistakes.
  • On different submission sites, the article submission process is slightly different. so watch some beginner’s videos on the article submission process.

Author Bio

  • If you want your reader to keep coming back to read your article, then write a strong author bio representing yourself as an expert in your field.

Write engaging CTA in Summary

after all, your aim for the article marketing is to bring traffic to your blog. tell people to take certain action after reading your article.

  • Article marketing is not the same as blogging. You don’t need to create an article from scratch. You can re-purpose your article to save time and money as well.

Showcase your expertise, but don’t give all the answers in the article.

  • If you want to make your article marketing fruitful, write in-depth about your reader’s pain points and problems. But never give a complete answer.

Because an incomplete answer raises curiosity to know more and that will increase the click-through rate. And people are more likely to visit your website to know the rest of the answer.

If you have monetized your blog with affiliate marketing, article marketing can help you make your blog more profitable.

Final Words

In this ultimate guide you have seen:

some amazing tricks of finding golden article submission sites,

tips on writing compelling articles, outsourcing work, and so on.

So, that’s my Ultimate Guide to Article marketing.

Now, I want to turn it over to you: what did you think about this Guide? or maybe there’s something I missed.

let me know by leaving a comment below.

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