Amazon Affiliate keyword Research: Detailed Guide to Finding Money-making keywords

How to do Keyword Research for Amazon affiliate marketing?

The true potential of Amazon affiliate keyword research exists in understanding your target market and how they are searching about your affiliate products.

In 2021, Keyword Research is more about Market research. By keyword research, you get meaningful data to answer your questions like,

What are people searching for before buying the product?

When you decide to buy something expensive, you do a little research about the product. Mostly, you would search for the product review.


That way, Knowing exactly what people are searching for can help you craft quality content and promote your affiliate link. Chances are more the person who came to read your content would purchase the product from your affiliate link.

Surely, anyone searching for such content wants to purchase the product.

How many people are searching for the product?

You want such keywords which have a high search volume. 

Search volume means the number of people searching for a keyword per month. 

In what format do they want information about the product?

Let’s take some unique examples to learn different formats of information.

  • Comparison

A person wants to buy products for shaving. And he’s confused between razor and trimmer.

Now, he would search for a comparison article like, 

Razors VS trimmers.

Here, you can write a comparison post and share some excellent brands available on Amazon for both the products with their benefits. 

That’s how you can plug affiliate links to the comparison post.

  • Listicle

Or, the person wants to purchase an excellent quality trimmer.

For that, he would search for the best trimmer for shaving on Google.

Here, you can write a listicle post of some excellent quality trimmers and their benefits.

The search volume for such keywords is high. 

  • How to Guide

A Boy wants to learn How to shave a beard for the first time

The information required is as a How-to guide. You can write a great guide about shaving and plug the best trimmers to promote affiliate links.

Why Keyword research is crucial for Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

There is only one reason for doing Keyword Research for Amazon Affiliate marketing.

To get more monthly Organic traffic that is interested to make a purchase.

You may get good traffic. But, There can be a reason for not making money with your amazon affiliate site.

The traffic you are getting is not interested in making a purchase.

You want to target Quality Keywords to get Quality traffic from the search engine.

So the question is, What are the Quality Keywords?

Let’s see.

You want such keywords as those are,

  • Easy to rank on Google
  • With a Good Search Volume
  • Drive traffic from the search engine that is fully interested in buying products
  • Can drive traffic for a long term, evergreen.

Buying intent keywords are keywords that drive buying intended traffic.

To know more about the different buying intent keywords check out this article.

So, here is the process to find the Buying intent keywords

Amazon Affiliate Keyword Research: How to do keyword research for amazon affiliate marketing?

Step-by-step process of Amazon affiliate keyword research

1. Make a list of Amazon products in your niche.

Make a list of every product that is relevant to your niche. 

Maybe you’ve already made a list before starting your blog as a part of market research.

It’s a good practice of having a list of affiliate products with their Amazon affiliate links. So, if you haven’t made a list, do it first.

Let’s see how you can find products that sell.

Now, suppose you are in a beard and hair trimmer niche. 

Go to Amazon and head over to the directory.

You can select Beauty and personal care in the Shop by department section from Amazon’s directory.

Here, we have different sub-categories. Select the Shave & Hair Removal.

The list of best shaving and trimming products is in front of you.

 You can use an advanced filter to find out best-selling products by good customer reviews.

Amazon Best seller products

Amazon’s choice and Best Seller labels ensure the Quality of products. And, the conversion rate for such products is higher.

2. Find topics where you can plug your Affiliate products

Find topics where you can naturally plug your product recommendation. 

This way you will never face the problem of running out of content ideas.

Remember, no such tool is available where you can find out such topics.

So, How do you find topics where you can naturally promote your affiliate products.

Find problems that your targeted customers are facing right now. Such problems where you can recommend products as a solution.

You have a list of products. 

Pick any product, identify their potential buyers and problems they are facing.

You can use social media platforms like Reddit, Quora, Twitter, & QNA forums to know the types of questions they’re asking. Exact words or key phrases they are using. 

When you use such words and key phrases in your content, the reader feels it more friendly.

It sounds like you have gone through the same situation.

This way you can beat your competition. Because you are doing strong research that very few are doing.

3. Keyword Research using tools

Using a keyword research tool, you can find out strong buying intent keywords with low competition.

For the amazon affiliate keyword research, I will use SEMrush. Because Semrush is one of the best keyword research tools to find out Golden Money-making keywords.

If you are not using Semrush, you can Start a Free Trial from this link.

Go to the Keyword Magic tool from the SEMrush dashboard.

Insert your products in the search bar, select your targeted country, and hit the Search button.

Here, you have a long list of keywords.

Now, we need to filter strong buying intent keywords.

For that select the “include keywords” option and select Any keywords option.

Copy the below-given words. And paste them into the “include keyword” box.

  • Buy
  • Coupon
  • Discount
  • Deal
  • Shipping
  • Review
  • Best
  • top
  • Affordable
  • Cheap
  • for
  • with
  • under
  • best

These are the words that almost every buying intent keyword contains.

Hit the Apply button.

Here is the list of good search volume, buying intent, low difficulty keywords. I short, Golden Keywords.

KD% is a metric that shows the keyword difficulty score of the particular keywords.

This is how you can interpret the KD% score. according to semrush,

  • 0-14 = very easy to rank. You can rank your webpage in a short time without building backlinks.
  • 15-29 = easy to rank. The keyword has competition. But, you can rank with quality content.
  • 30-49 = Moderate. Keyword has more competition. But, you can rank with structured and keyword-optimized content.
  • 50-69 = difficult to rank. You need backlinks to beat your competition.
  • 70-84 = hard. You need lots of quality backlinks and good keyword optimized structure content to outrank your competitors.
  • 85-100 = Very hard. If your website is new, don’t think of these keywords.

These Golden keywords can help you Skyrocket your Amazon affiliate blogging business.

You need Quality backlinks to grow your Affiliate blog. When you succeed with the ranking for low competition keywords, you can level up your affiliate game.

If you checkout top 10 ranking results for the keywords with the KD% score in between 15 to 29 and sometimes in 30 to 49, most of them rarely have backlinks.

So the KD% below 50 is an excellent opportunity to rank on Google. 

Final Words

By following this detailed guide you will be able to keyword research for amazon affiliate marketing and find out the Golden keywords like, 

  • Strong buying intent keywords
  • Keywords with a good amount of monthly search volume.
  • Keywords that are easy to rank – Low difficult keywords

Here are a few more tips that will help you speed up your amazon affiliate marketing blog and earn a decent amount of monthly commission.

  • Choose the best-selling products and make sure the products you are promoting should not have any serious issues. You can always check out the negative comment section.
  • Don’t use link cloaking. As Amazon does not allow it.
  • Use the “Geniuslink” tool. It identifies your buyer’s country location and redirects them to their relevant amazon site. 
  • Use Good Keyword research tool for finding low competition keywords and also for competitive analysis.

SEMrush is the best-preferred SEO tool for keyword research, Backlink analysis, competitive analysis, and many more SEO features.

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