Abanke.com review | Why you should not buy from the website?

Why you should not buy products from abanke.com? Read this abanke.com review to know about the website and how they are frauding.

Recently, I was searching for a good mic on Google shopping and found a listing of a fantastic mic at an unbelievable price. 

The price for the mic was just Rs. 10 and also the delivery was free.

The site name is abanke.com

I checked the actual price of the product on amazon. And it was Rs. 3629

The product costing Rs.3629 available just for Rs.10 

Not only mic but there are many products they are selling for Rs.10 – 15 range that includes fitness, women’s fashion, home, and kitchen accessories, and many more.

abanke.com is a Shopify-based eCommerce website selling products in different categories like men’s and women’s fashion, electronics, health care, and home decorations.

The strange thing about the site is that it is selling products at unbelievably lower price rates.

products pricing from Rs. 2500-3500 are available at just Rs.10 to Rs.15

The prices are too good to be true.

Below is the screenshot of that mic.

abanke.com review

Even, the site looks genuine. but the question is should you buy from this website?

Is abanke.com real or fake?

let’s check it out.

Is abanke.com real or fake? Should you buy products from the website?

The answer is:

Abanke.com is not a trustable website. there are many consumer complaints on consumercomplaints.in against the site. Where people have complained about their fraud. 

6 Reasons why abanke.com is not recommended 

1. No Social Media pages

There are no social media pages that exist where one can check reviews or about the site. Social media pages are the kind of proof that the company is genuine.

Many reputed companies use expensive social listening tools to know what people are sharing about the company on the internet.

So that if any consumer complaints, they can take quick action and solve their queries.

But, such things do not exist for the abanke.com site.

2. Fake address and contact details

The address and contact details given on the site are fake. Also, you won’t get a response from their emails.

3. Consumer complaints

There are many unsolved consumer complaints against the website on consumercomplaints.in site. you can checkout the complaints from this link.

4. No COD option

The cash On Delivery option ensures the safety of your money.

Many top reputed eCommerce sites do not provide a COD option.

But, when the site is suspicious and sells products at such a low rate and there is no proof of their genuinity, you can’t take a risk.

5. Recently purchased Domain

The domain is purchased on 2nd, May 2021. By checking the domain age, you can check how long the website has been around.

you can checkout the domain age from this link.

Scammers make a duplicate website of the Good looking genuine websites on the different domain names quickly.

6. Low trust index on scam-detector.com

Scam-detector is a site that checks different influential factors of a website and shows whether the website is real or fake.

the result shows that the website is not recommended as its lower trust score. 

scam-detector.com is a website where you can check if the website you use to buy is legit.

it checks different factors like Alexa rank, SSL certificates, privacy policy, domain age, source code, IP address, and many more. and gives its trust score on a scale of 0-100.


Is abanke.com real or fake?

Abanke.com is not a safe website. 
There are many complaints against them about taking payments and not delivering their purchased products.
Even, there are complaints against the site for not responding to their emails.
We would not recommend using the website.

4 thoughts on “Abanke.com review | Why you should not buy from the website?”

  1. What’s the point now… I made a purchase and it was worth 100 rupees because it wasn’t anything great it was set of pen which was like 160 rs actual worth… I purchased it thinking 100 is easy thing…. And it came without delivery cost.

    They are damm tricky, they keep the product cost so low, that people think, if the money is gone, its ok, and if you get it, then you are lucky, i myself thought, they might be a new e-commerce company and in order to attract traffic to there websites, they might be selling at Cost price or even less, I fall into pray for Boat headphone model no 900 @ 149/- the discounted price of the same in Amazon/flipkart was 699/-799/-899/-(varies)

  3. It’s totally fake…Please don’t buy from this website….I have lost 400rs from this…I have ordered 3 items..n till now it dint get delivered


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