1K A Day Fast Track review: Is the fast track course scam or Legit?

There is an affiliate marketing course that is getting popular among affiliate marketers and bloggers.

The course promises a proven way to make money online with affiliate marketing. 

In this 1K a Day Fast Track review, we will dig deeper into this course to see if it has a chance of delivering on what it claims.

Things to consider before buying 1K a Day fast track

1K a Day Fast Track is a system for those who are looking to make money through affiliate marketing. 

The 1K A Day Fast Tracks course is for those who are new to affiliate marketing and also for those who want to scale up their affiliate business in less time.

The course is mainly focused on generating traffic through native ads. It doesn’t cover anything about generating free traffic. However, it helps you get into the untapped marketing platforms that are much cheaper than the popular platforms like Google ads and Facebook ads.

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1k a day fast track review

What is 1k a Day Fast Track?

1K a Day Fast Track is an affiliate marketing course from Merlin Holmes. The course teaches you how to make $1000 per day by building a landing page and promoting products by email marketing.

It seems the process of building a landing page, generating leads, and promoting products using email marketing is not new.

Yes, you’re Right…

But, the 1K a day fast track is much different from other courses.

Here’s how the course is different 

Instead of, offering free lead magnets on your landing page, it teaches you how to build polls and questions-based interactive landing pages to trigger your reader’s emotions.

And, this is more effective, and highly converting than the traditional landing pages.

Additionally, some studies show that these interactive well-researched landing pages work effectively in certain niches such as fitness, self-development, making money online, and so on.

The best part of the course is instead of relying on free (time & resource-consuming) traffic methods and expensive Google and Facebook ads, it teaches to generate highly targeted traffic using native ads.

Who is Merlin Holmes?

Creator of 1K A Day of Fast Track Program

Merlin Holmes is the creator of 1K A day fast tracks. 

According to him (from his webinar), he is running a multi-million business online, and he has generated over $15 million from affiliate marketing in the last 15 years.

He claims that he is making $300,000 per month from internet marketing. Even though there are no solid proofs of his claims other than showing screenshots of his affiliate earnings, but one thing is clear from the webinar is that Merlin Holmes is not a scam, and he knows how to make money from affiliate marketing.

Also, he is one of the top sellers for ClickBank, though.

How does 1K A Day Fast Track Works?

As we’ve discussed before, the 1K a Day Fast Track is a course by Merlin holmes that teaches you to earn from affiliate marketing at a massive scale.

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning affiliate commission by selling other’s products. That could be digital or physical. 

In simple terms, when you like any product that you have used, you recommend the product to others. If anyone purchases the product that you recommended, the product owner offers you a commission.

When you join any affiliate program, they offer you your unique affiliate ID and affiliate link. You need to use the affiliate link to promote the product. When anyone purchases from your affiliate link, the sale is tagged to your affiliate ID. then, the product owner (Merchant) verifies the sale and transfers your affiliate commission to your account. 

The best part of affiliate marketing is you don’t need to put efforts and resources into researching and producing products for sale. You just need to promote such product that is already available in the market and are already selling well.

There are multiple ways to promote your affiliate links such as building a blog and writing product reviews, SEO, Social media, creating a youtube channel, and so on.

However, the process taught in the 1k a day fast track is pretty simple yet powerful, well researched and proven.

The process works in this way:

Step 1: Finding top-selling affiliate products and making banner ads:

 There are various affiliate marketplaces mentioned such as ClickBank, Digistore24, commission junction, and so on. You have to find best-selling products from affiliate marketplaces.

Here’s Tep-selling products are recommended because the top-selling products prove that the product is best and its landing page is also highly converting. And their lower cancelation rate.

That helps you get good sales commissions.

Once your product selection process is completed, you have to collect photos, headlines, and scripts and enter them into the tool given to generate your banner ads.

Step 2: Create Interactive, Landing Page for your product

Here’s why the 1k a day fast track program is different than other programs. Here they teach you how to create an interactive landing page. Instead of a traditional landing page that offers a free lead magnet to exchange their email address.

They teach you to create a landing page based on highly converting principles like micro-commitments and interaction that will influence people to perform little actions to trigger their emotions.

The tool to design the interactive landing page is Clickfunnel. Clickfunnel is a paid tool. In the Clickfunnel you can design your landing page and add polls and questions.

After answering the poll or questions that you set on your landing page, the visitors are asked to provide their email addresses. That way you can generate quality leads of potential buyers.

Step 3: Collect emails and redirect them to your Offer Page:

  Once your website visitors enter their email addresses, they will be redirected to your affiliate page.  

Also, the email addresses that have been submitted, are collected to the list that you are building using autoresponder tools like Mailchimp or Getaresponse.

Step 4: your money-making machine is running on autopilot

Once you redirect your leads to your affiliate page the potential buyer will purchase. And that way you will receive your affiliate commission.

It’s not possible that everyone that you send to your affiliate page would make a purchase. however, you have their email addresses. You can promote similar products by email marketing.

That way the chances of losing your hard-earned leads (potential customer) is less.

Your money-making machine runs on auto-pilot for the long term and that keeps earning affiliate commission for you. 

In short, 1K a Day Fast Track is about running paid ads to acquire customers, create an interactive landing page, and send your traffic to the landing page. Collect their email addresses and send them to your affiliate page. And after all, earn your affiliate commission.

1K a Day Fast Track Training Module

1K A Day Fast Track training module

The entire $1K a Day fast track course is broken down into six-week modules. Each week you are taught new lessons and strategies that you just need to duplicate in your niche.

Here’s a week by week breakdown of the training module:

Week 1 – 9 lessons: Basic Information

this course starts with information on what you can expect from the course and training program.

Merlin makes some income claims that are quite unreachable for newbies. Even, many experienced would struggle to reach the milestone that they are going to achieve along with the course. 

Here, Merline teaches you how to create your Clickbank affiliate account, get your affiliate link and start promoting it and make a commission.

The first week of the course is going to be full of information that you would like to skip if you’re an experienced affiliate marketer.

It is not guaranteed but you may earn your first affiliate commission in the first week.

Week 2 – 9 lessons: Building your interactive landing page

The next week focuses on the list-building strategies that will dig deep into the idea of polling.

The course will teach you how to set up questions and polls in your sales funnel and implement them in your landing page to make it interactive. You will be using Clickfunnel to set up your landing page and a first website.

Polling is really a modern way to engage with your audience and convert them into your buying customer.

All the strategies are proven and easy to implement so that you can follow them easily.

Week 3 – 9 lessons: setup your Email Marketing campaign

In this third week, you will learn to set up your first email marketing campaign.

You’ll be using the SendLane tool for email marketing. 

That’s good service, but anyway! Unfortunately, it is also somewhat irritating. I’m sure a lot of people who are already using this course already have an email marketing system in place. This course is all about working with SendLane.

You’ll find out more about writing emails here, as well as creating templates that you can use to grow your business.

Many examples are provided, which would really help when you increase the profitability of your affiliate marketing company.

Week 4 – 5 Lessons: Automate Your Affiliate Business

This week 4 module is going to stand out from the crowd of other beginner affiliate marketers.

In this module, you’ll learn expert strategies and techniques to start making money on ClickBank and other similar affiliate marketplaces. 

This week’s learning will help you to automate most of your affiliate marketing business. And build a strong source of passive income. 

Week 5 – 4 lessons: Getting Buying audience by Native Ads

In this week, you are going to learn about getting buying audience at your landing page using Native ads.

You are going to use the latest platform to drive targeted traffic to your landing page. 

The more targeted traffic you send to your landing page, the more conversion you get.

This week is going to help you more people interested in your affiliate products.

Week 6 – 5 Lessons: Grow your affiliate business

The last week speaks only about helping you plan your future. This means scaling up your affiliate business. You will learn nothing new here except to plan your business for growth. 

Overall the $1k a day fast track is completely worth the money spend course. It teaches you proven techniques that have helped merlin to build his fortune.

Does The 1K a Day Fast Track Training Work?

It is not certain that you will start making $1000 per day with the course. Until and unless you spend enough budget on advertising to get a sufficient audience that converts and purchases your affiliate product.

But, the automated system you will build has the potential to generate a massive amount of income for you as the source of passive income. 

You don’t need to put more effort into researching. The course makes it much easier to understand affiliate business and implement it. However, The course requires a lot of effort to build your automated affiliate business. 

What is the total cost of 1K A Day Fast Track?

$1K a Day costs you $997 for the six-week course. There are a few extra bonuses are given to help sweeten the deal a little bit. but the main focus is going to be that 6-week course.

A Money-back guarantee is also available on the course, but this is offered via ClickBank rather than through the actual course creator.

More on that, there are some paid tools mentioned in the course that you will need to purchase. Those are the Clickfunnels, email responder, and advertising.

So, The course 1k a day fast track will cost you a $997 one-time payment. However, that is not the only amount required to start affiliate marketing. 

You will have to invest in paid tools and advertising every month.

The investments are:

  • Landing Page & Sales funnel: Clickfunnel to create Landing Pages will cost you from $97 to $297 per month
  • Email Autoresponder tool: Sendlane will cost you around $15 per month
  • Native ads: you will be spending a minimum of $200 on native ads to get paid traffic to your landing page every month 

The total investment needed is around $1500 to start making money with your affiliate system.

The course is indeed expensive and requires a large investment.

Five reasons that make 1k a day fast track course worth the money spent

1. Affiliate Marketing made easy

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way of making money online. Because ultimately you’re helping people to solve their problems by recommending them products or services as a solution and in between that you are earning your affiliate commission as a reward. So, it’s a win-win business model for you and your audience.

Most of the bloggers making 6-7 figures monthly income rely mainly on affiliate marketing. Compared to other online business models the affiliate marketing has very huge earning potential.

Compared to traditional affiliate marketing where you were doing Keyword Research, building quality content to build trust among your audience, and relying heavily on SEO and organic traffic, the 1k a day fast track makes it ridiculously easy to make a commission by running native ads.

2. Lessons on building Unique interactive Landing Page 

Mostly the landing pages are designed to get the email addresses in exchange for your free lead magnet. But, the problem with the free lead magnet is the majority of people look only for freebies. Most of them would never buy the products that you have been promoting. 

In the solution of the problem, the merlin teaches you to build an interactive landing page. When people put effort into giving answers they engage to your landing page.  And more likely to share their email address.

3. No Guesswork required – Easy to implement 

Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing seems easy but making affiliate commissions is very hard and time taking. Because there is a number of ways to promote affiliate products. But, very few of them work. Without any mentor, it is unsure to know whether you are on the right track.

With the course, you just need to follow instructions and implement (duplicate) them.

4. Free introductory webinar

The free introductory webinar is also worth the time spend. Unlike other webinars, they do not offer sales pitches. The webinar is of total value-based teaching you strategies and secrets to help you start earning affiliate commission.

5. 60 days Money-Back Guarantee – no risk 

The $1K a day fast track course is completely legit. However, if you don’t like the course you can claim your money in 60 days. Clickbank helps you get back your money.

Pros and Cons of 1K A Day Fast Track Program


  • Merlin Holmes is successful and knowledgeable in the field of internet marketing. His proven and effective method for building a successful affiliate marketing business is quite different than other expensive courses.
  • The affiliate marketing taught in the course 1k a day fast track program is scalable. You scale your affiliate business by automating your business for more affiliate products in different industries. 
  • The approach towards getting a targeted audience to your website is well researched. And much better than traditional expensive Facebook and google ads.
  • The course is comprehensive and easy to understand, made exclusively for beginners as well as beginner affiliate marketers who want to scale up their business.
  • The 60-day Money-back guarantee reduces the risk of fraud.
  • Proven and working templates for sales funnel and autoresponder are provided. No Guesswork is needed.


  • Earning a $1000 per day claim is questionable. It is not %100 sure of earning that much of amount per day. As it totally depends on the budget you spend on advertising and getting the highly targeted audience. 
  • The course does not cover getting free traffic. You are required to spend on native ads. So, you are totally dependent on paid traffic.
  • The course requires some expensive paid tools like Clickfunnel, SendLane, and so on. 
  • The actual price of the course is $997 and the tools recommended would cost you from $500 to $600. That means the actual cost to build your affiliate business would be around $1500. That‘s what everyone can not afford.

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Final words:

Undoubtedly, the 1K a day fast track is a very expensive course. You need to invest around $1500 to build your first working automated affiliate model. 

However, the course is legit. The strategies and techniques that are taught are proven and working. The course is very different than any other expensive affiliate marketing course.

The course provides everything from sales funnel templates to email templates for email marketing to promote your affiliate products. 

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